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Ben W, Boot solenoid again

  FOR SALE - Mk1 V6

since max power is this weekend i thought id have a go at the flush boot.
I just need to make sure on a few things before i remove the boot lock.
Im going to try hook it up to the old rear wiper.
1, when powered the solenoid comes in, does it go back out when the boot it closed?
2, although i havent been able to look where does the solenoid fit.
3, if i leave the wiper stalk on will it blow up?
  FOR SALE - Mk1 V6

ok, ive tried hooking it up tonight, ive had a look and the solenoid needs to push out to release the catch.
i still havent seen the solenoid oush out when ive *tested* it.
another problem is that the solenoid has a green and light blue wire and the rear wiper has a black, yellow and dark blue. Not sure which is ment to connect to which, ive tried mixing them put the solenoid still doesnt work right!
now its not working at all with any combination!
starting to get pissed off with this now!