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Best for car wash, glaze, wax etc etc

  Cupra K1 & Clio 200
Hi guys and girls, just trying to my cars in tip top condition! just wondering what were the best for the following: (any makes will be fine)


Many thanks
  106 GTi
What colours your car?

All round option - working by hand?

Shampoo: CG Wash'n'wax
Scratches: Meguiars Scratch X
Polish/glazes: Clearkote Vanilla Moose Glaze or Autoglym Super Resin
Waxes/sealants: CG Mseal or Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection. P21s Wax
Alloys: Autoglym Engine and Machine cleaner, Autoglym Super Resin & Extra Gloss Protection.
Tyres: Poorboys Bold and Bright
  Clio 172 Mk2
Wash: Meguiars Gold Class
Polish/Glaze: Meguiars speed glaze
More aggressive: Meguiars dual action cleanser/polish
Wax: Nattys Blue
Tyres: Meguiars Endurance
Wheels: Autosol
  Octavia VRS
Shampoo: CG washnnwax
Scratches: scratch X
Polish/glazes: AG SRP
Waxes/sealants: CG carnuba/AG EGP
Alloys: Brush with water and CG Shampoo, AG Alloy Cleaner, AG Engine and Machine cleaner and a wax when dry
Tyres: CG Tyre dressing
  Cupra K1 & Clio 200
well, the ibiza is grey, the golf black and the clio yes will be doing it by had! cheers for the replys will be shoping for em now :D