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Best locking wheel nuts?

  Mk2 Golf GTI
I'm getting paranoid that my wheels are going to get nicked as there have been a few sets going missing around my area (mainly Ford and MG).

Are there any locking nuts that stand out as being particularly good? I'm probably going to stick two sets on each wheel, even though it's not recommended.

The locking nuts on my Clio are better than a lot i've seen as they have a spinning collar that helps to prevent any old socket being hammered on. Would these fit a mk2 Golf?!

I realise that if thieves want something, 9 times out of 10 they'll get it but i might as well make life as hard as possible for them!
  Dynamique S 138
The spinning collar nuts are apparently useless as it only takes a screwdriver to remove the collar and then a socket can be hammered on, i've got a set of Mcgard ultra high security wheel nuts, imo best you can buy
  Mk2 Golf GTI
Where from and how much? Can't find anywhere on the net

I read a review on Auto Express about them, 5/5 stars.

But it says they use some sort of spinning collar device?
  Dynamique S 138
The newest ones use spinning collars but the normal high security ones are the best locks i've ever come across, you can get them form lots of places, Halfords etc, think sells them too
  A well built VW
spirez said:
Two sets of McGuard ultra it is then!

Be careful I had a set of these and had no end of problems with them

* Key kept snapping - replacements £30 and shipped from germany and YOU end up paying for them
* Bolts siezed - despite copious amount of copper grease so bad even 3 garages couldnt get them off
* Halfords very unhelpful when problems occured

It cost me a lot of money (new drill £100 one ruined and about 40 specialist drill bits and 2 weekends to drill the fcukers out )One thing at least they could not be nicked I suppose
  Mk2 Golf GTI
What were they torqued up to?

Seems a bit worrying!

Maybe i'll just use one set of these and another good brand.

I've heard there are some called evo mkV that are good