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Best place for tyres

Now i know is the best place for buying them but the thing is asfaik i dont have the equipment to fit these tyres if i got them, i also know theres a risk in damaging the wheels when fitting tyres. Can someone explain where or how they fit them?

Otherwise where is generally the best place to get tyres, Renault dealership, a kwik fit or a privatly owned place? I only need 1 conti as the spare is full size.


  ST 225, PH1 172

Kiwk Fit, tell em to take there time and be careful, theyll cover the whole wheel in weird gunk, itll come back messy but not have any scratchs or owt. Well thats from my experience anyway at Mansfield quickfit.

I usually have something extra wrong with my car after its been to kwit fit ect. Im am planning getting my alloys refurbeb but I am waiting to get new tyres fitted first as you can gurantee the tyre fitters will take a few chucks out of them!

Ill try and get quotes off of halfords and kwik fit then.

Ive heard of the RSR tyres before, do you know where in bromley they are?"> This place seem cheapish
  ST 225, PH1 172

The lads at Kwik Fit in Mansfield have also taken care of my car, always put plastic stuff over seats, drive it sensible into test bays and my alloys never come back with chunks out em! Same everywhere, some places have muppets, some have decent guys.
  ST 225, PH1 172

In fact, my mate has an elise as a weekend car, he always takes it to kwik fit for news tyres, never scracthed his alloys either! Come to Mansfield lol!

rob - RSR is on bromley common road (A21) about 30seconds drive from my house (quite convenient!) - do you know bromley college? well if you do its on that road, heading towards farnborough - itll be on your left just before a macdonalds, and a shell garage on your right - big place, cant miss it, have had good service from then - and they;re a powerflow dealer, bonus!