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Best place to sell tthe clio!

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I am wanting to sell the clio and I have got it advertised on here and ebay. But im after a quick sale so where is the place to sell for a quick/definite sale and a good price???
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autotrader? - if its modified then could try max power magazine - thye let you have a photo advert for free
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If I'm looking for a car I only really search AutoTrader.

If it's modded but it back to standard, and don't do it again ;)
  clio mk1
ez, I used to have a highly modded 306 which you can see here

I was struggling to sell this for the price i really wanted for it becuase i spend loads onit getting it how i wanted and keeping it tidy, so i put it on autotrader. got loads of calls, but it was mainly people saying they thought id thrashed it hense the sale which wasnt true i just fancied a change, but yeah.. bassicly, resorted to ebay.. put loads of pictures of my car on the advert, decribed the car in detail with everything id done to it, anyway it sold for miles more than i wanted for it and i was pleased, but most importantly the buyer was reall chuffed with it, so yeah maybe try that way!?!?!?! remember you can always end the auction, oh sorry about the signiture image.. just made it and im really poo on photoshop heh, cheers peeps, loving the forum :)

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How much would ebay charge you for selling a car worth about 11k? is it a % of winning bid?


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Autotrader or pistonheads then forum.

Saying that sold mine on the forum first call.