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best port to use,

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dont think its matters pal. that sounds like a random port anyway so it will be the same speed on any random port. I know torrent downloading seems to have slowed down a lot recently, well it has for me on 90% of downloads. i had one come down at 200kb/s last week and other chugging at 5kb/s. usenet?
its just driving me crazy, going up and down, i did a test and it said the port wasnt live?spose all i can do is sit tight and wait lol
  Golf Mk6 Oil Burner
you could always try using a few different clients. i started using uTorrent a few week back from bitcomet / azureus. see if that makes any difference.
Forward the port in your router it might help. That sounds like a good port the ISP wouldn't monitor a port so high.