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Best Sat nav

I am buying a Sat Nav system this weekend.

I would like some advice from people who have the items they are offering advice on:

1) It Must be easily transferable from car to car
2) Budget is £400

I have been looking at Tom Tom 300 but not at anything else so what compares?

Also where are the cheapest places?
  R35 GTR

I bought my phone xda iis with tomtom 5, its a pocket pc as well. This cost me £280 with a 1GB card. A cradle and wired tomtom gps reciever added £72.

I sold my old sat nav and phone and actually made money by upgrading.

So i think an XDA is the best way to go.

I guess Tom Tom it is then!

Also is the 300 different in anyway to the 500 apart from below:

AC Power cable (wont need this)

European Maps (not going to need these either)

If i dont need the above then is the 300 model good enough, the 700 would be nice with a built in hard drive but i cant afford that much

Quote: Originally posted by Ben j on 10 August 2005

tom tom 500 off ebay. u can get em for £400

Does anyone know any reputable sellers, has anyone bought from anyone on ebay as i am not trusting anyone with £400 unless they have proven to be trustworthy!

I dont rely on readin feedback as this can easily be falsified