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best shampoo and wax combination?

  FF Titanium 182
Anyone know of a good shampoo and wax combination? Tempted to buy the maguiars gold class shampoo and a wax separate just seems a lot of money. If anyone has tried anything that's good let me know!
  FF Titanium 182
2bh with you any input would help me out I'm not sure what order you should really do it in... Lol what do you guys do and what you got?
  172 Cup & Mini C 1.6
Theres lots of good shampoos. Autobrite ones are my favourite. Megs gold class is ok. Britemax cleanmax is another good shampoo
  Golf GT & A4 Avant
do you want to get into detailing, or do you want a quick fix to keep the car looking good and a little protected to make it easy to wash?

if it's the first then start reading through the stickied threads at the top of the section. if the 2nd then log onto i4detailing and buy yourself some 'Gyeon Bathe +' shampoo.
  FF Titanium 182
Will be the second one for now until I've done more research and get the time to do it. i4detailing a website?
  Arctic 182
You can't go wrong with Dodo Juice Born to be mild IMO.
If your not into ordering online & want something 'now' I've heard good things about Autoglym HD wax & their range of bits is quite good.


  RB 182 Cup
Could try too

A nice combo of shampoo and top up detailing spray is the SONAX range.

Sonax Gloss shampoo - £4.99
Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer - £11.99

You will have great looks on a budget that would leave proper detailers envious (on a £ for £ basis anyway)

I've got waxes going up to nearly a hundred quid a tub, and at the moment I am using both the above and I'm mesmerised at the results.