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Best way to imobolise clio

  Renault clio Exp 1.2 16v
Just wondering whats the best way without taking the battery out of imobolising a clio mk 2 phase 2.

Imobolised mine by pulling the engine imomoliser fuse out and the engine wont start brilliant!

However my mum has a 5 door clio mk 2 ph 2 1.4 16v dynamique and it doesnt have this fuse in the fusebox. the symbol is there where it should be but a hole where its missing the fuse, but it starts!

when mines out and i turn the key nothing engine error sybol flashers and the red imoboliser light flashes.

Surely there must be something weird if she doesnt have this fuse?

Anyone have any ideas
  Renault clio Exp 1.2 16v
cheers ill have a look at that, it just confused me that it doesnt have the fuse for the engine imoboliser, id have thought without that the car shouldnt start
Pull the rear seat up then on the drivers side of the car you'll see a black cover remove it (I think it stists off) then unplug the wiring to the fuel pump noone would work it out oif there trying to steal it.
  172 mk2 Iceberg
yup unplug the fuel pump .... under the black cover under rear seat...
maybe put in a switch if needs to be done a lot