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best way to wire up 6x9's into a standard system

cheap quick solution.

best the just wire these in instead of rears? or with rears?or others?
  172 mk2 Iceberg
they need an amp

the out put from the standard system is about 10 watts per chanel and will sound poo
can you post-aplify out a standard head unit then?

Does it need power off the battery then?

(btw it's for the g/f. i would not settle for such a bodged solution;).)
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youll need a line output converter if your going to amp them.
again youll need to disconnect the rears in order to accomodate this but if you get a 4 channel amp then you can have both the rears and 6x9s attached but if its your standard rears its a waste of time hooking up