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Beware - Nutter on M3...



Just a quick (serious) warning to anyone who travels on the M3.....was heading down from Surrey to Southhampton last week, in the outside lane, all travelling @ 50mph approx and all gently braking and accelerating as we went through roadworks (everyone keeping safe distances etc). Suddenly mr Vectra came shooting down the middle lane and went to undertake me (which was going to improve his position in the heavy flow of traffic by absolutely nil) outside lane was already braking at this point and so his aggressive actions caused myself (and the cars behind me) to effectively emergency brake to avoid contact. Needless to say I was most unimpressed and expressed my discontent with the preferred method of flashing and gestures implying that I knew what he did behind closed retrspect this was not the wisest the flashing, the bloke in the car WENT ABSOLUTELY INSANE! His whole torso was out of the window facing back at me whilst he swore, threatened to kill me and then threw a hard metal box at my car which clipped the bonnet. He then slammed on his brakes and dispite the fact that I had fully backed off by now, I had to brake very hard to avoid running into the back of him......then it got really interesting.....Mr Vectra pulled up alongside me and started trying to ram his bloody car into the side of me - several times I was literally within inches of the central reservation with nowhere to go and had to emergency brake. The rest of the traffic at this stage had seen what was going on and had cleared a bit of space for me to manouvere out of his way, but without a clear road there was no way of immediate excape.....this went on for a further 15 miles or so and in that time I called 999, as the bloke was going to cause a serious accident and seemed relentless in literally ramming me off the road....eventualy I managed to sharply pull off a slip road whithout him being able to follow....but had we stopped on the hard shoulder to discuss our differences Im sure hes the sort of nutter who would have pulled a knife or something similar. The scariest thing was that it was a brand new vectra and the bloke looked about 30 ish and reasonably respectable - and yet he could have easily landed a part in American Psycho! For the record it was a green 5 door vectra reg - DE51 MBX. I fully intend the follow things up with the police, as they said they would visit him and get statements from me etc. Just thought Id share this with everyone in case you either come across this fruitcake or find yourself in a similar position.....think I might trade in for a big old Hum V.....
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Just think, if the traffic was moving normally i.e. space in front, you could completely t o a s t him and laugh into your rear view mirror. Serious nutter tho! is your bonnet ok?

im glad ur o.k mate, ive had similar instances b4 but not as bad as that.
you wanna check if they have cctv down that stretch, catch the b*****d and take his licence away.
make sure you follow it up, next time it could be a women on her own.
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Man, thats bad news - i hate that sort of feeling, there are some seriously F*cked up people on the roads, you just have to be careful who you mess with i suppose - and let them get on with it! He has probably just come out of Prison and nicked the car or something! Hope your cars ok and not too damaged!


Cheers lads! Delboy - youre right - I think he would have reacted in pretty much the same way had it been a woman he had cut up and she had flashed him....bonnet is ok, but dont have car for much longer so not too bothered. Just couldnt believe how instantly the bloke flipped!! Im not the sort of person to back of from a confrontation if Im in the right, but there was no sodding way I was going to have it out with him on the hard shoulder (golf clubs were in the boot and not the back seat!). Will keep you posted as to what the police say - in the meantime if you come across our friendly rep mobile driver, proceed with caution.....!


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mate that sucks a similar thing happened to me a while back in my fathers car when I was a passenger - as we turned left out of a roundabout with a maaaassive gap this bloke in an "old style" cavalier just floored it to within 1 inch of the bumper & arms out the window swearing and shouting and giving it the "cmon" and then as we went to turn right he almost rammed the passenger side as he floored it past then he slammed his brakes and reversed back next to the car and spat on the passenger window then just as he got out the car luckily there was a gap in traffic and my dad floored it. complete nutter. to this day we still dont know what his problem was...

I also had an incident when I was test driving a toyota yaris (i know, i know LOL forgive me) the brakes completely took me by surprise and a golf driver nearly hit me up the arse (ok it probably looked like i was brake testing him but ffs he was too close anyway) he didnt take it too well and about 1/2 mile later decided to stop in the *outside* lane of the a40 to "have a word" with me. I had to emergency stop and so did everyone behind me - and he came up to the drivers window and tried to "get me out" for a fight. nice bloke. toyota salesman was most impressed needless to say I didnt buy the Yaris hehe (god what a crap car).

Any other good road rage stories :)
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Only 1..

Try being 17 and back in school. You are in a car with 3 other mates and some "friendly walsall locals" decide they dont like the look of you.

(Now I must point out if you have ever been to Walsall or the West mids there is a big range of cultures... dont want to go into exact details)

Anyway they started following us in a car, overtake us and slow down. Only then do we realise they have called some other "friendly locals" to help out.

To cut a long story short we ended up gettting boxed in by a car infront, behind and at the side. What happened next was not nice. Memories not brilliant but it involved bats, hammers and lots of fists. Suffice to say my mates car looked as bad as we did.

Police basically said we in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Strange but ever since then I have always thought twice about over reacting when driving.

Ive relayed the story many times so I wont do it in full again. Suffice to say that I also had a guy totally over-react, doing multiple emergency stops in front of me and "wanting to have a word with me".

After a while I managed to overtake him and did a really illegal speed to get away from him - thank god he was only in an Astra. I know it was dangerous to speed, but what the hell can you do when youre about to get a beating or your car smashed up?

The worst thing was that all I did was lightly beep (in a friendly way) to say please watch out as youre about to cut me up
  silver valver/hybrid

i had some nob last nite, pulled out of a junction, without looking or indicating, forcing me to brake suddenly, i was following him and he kept slowing down so i had to keep slowing down too, i was gonna overtake him as it was clear and then he starts blasting his horn and waving my to pull over, so as he pulled in i went round him, if he thinks i am stopping to have a chat in the middle of a dodgy part of walsall, on my own he is sadly mistaken!
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This sounds like a common occurance.

A few years ago when road rage was a fairly new concept my sister and I was coming back from our local town along the M20 in Kent. We where driving along in the slow lane when a so called friend decides to undertake me on the hard shoulder and then cut in front of me and brake really hard for no reason. After expressing my concerns to him he continued to overtake then undertake with braking involved. I got back to the house and phoned the police. They went round and had a word with him and beacuse my sister was a witness they spoke to her as well to get the story and the guy ended up getting 3 points on his licence. Needless to say he is not a friend anymore and he still holds a grudge, what a complete t055er he is.

About 2 months ago I got cut up on a round about (Wongy will know the area) near Safeways in Chafford Hundred. I was driving straight across the roundabout when a total prat pulled out from the turning to the left of me. We I expressed my dismay he stoped his car put down his sandwich (Yes he was eating and driving with one hand, and yes he was a bit of a pie eater, another words fat) and got out he car to have a go. He said I was driving like a w4nker, I reminded him I had right of way and you have to give way to the right on a roundabout and I was driving at 20 mph as it was clear and the round about is a large on.
He turned round and again called me a w4nker and told me I wasnt paying attention to which I completely lost it and told him to fcuk off and grow up and get new glasses as the ones he was wearing didnt work. He jumped back in the car which was situated just before some lights and floored it not realising he had just jumped a red light. What a complete t055er, I should have taken his number but I was laughting so much at the irony of what he had just said a done that I could be bothered.
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Ill add an interesting story here.

Coming down the A3 one night after a night out in London, heading back to uni at Portsmouth. Mate of mine driving a hired Honda Accord. About 2am.

Somewhere between Guildford and hindhead, we came across 2 lorries from the same company, being driven, shall we say erratically. Basically they were obviously in comunication with each other and pissing drivers off for the hell of it.

Anyway, we got stuck behind these t**sers who simply wouldnt let us past. Ofcourse the usual flashing of lights, blasting of horns etc ensued. Anyway, got past Hindhead, but which time I had called the police. As we got onto the dual carraigeway part again, the antics started again and so I said to my mate just sit back and dont bother. Well stop at the services for 10 minutes by which time theyll have disappeared into the distance.

Anyway, about a mile from the Liphook services on the A3, they started to notably slow up. 50-40-30mph. It soon became apparent what was happening. They were going to stop. And sure enough they did. One was up the side of us in the slow lane, one was directly in front of us in the fast lane. And there we were stopped on the A3. The two blokes then got out of their cabs - by which time I am on the phone to the police again. They both had baseball bats and one looked like he had some sort of knife like utensil in the other hand. My back stuck the car in reverse and reversed back up the A3, and would you beleive, we was right inline with the Liphook Service Station. We managed to get into there and waited until they decided that they were gonna get back in the lorries and take off. Sure enough off they went, so I suggested follwing them at a greater distance until the police arrived. As we approached the A3(M) 3 Police Volvos came roaring past us and pulled the lorries over.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, they were caught on the CCTV system in the service station, the police prosecuted and we all ended up in Court. Needless to say they lost their jobs and were fined - and even in the courts, one of them threatened he was going to break my neck when I inadvertantly met him in the toilets.

Nice blokes.


ive had a couple of road rage incidents,

first incident, i was rolling up to some traffic lights when a idiot decided to pull out of junction right in front of me causing me to brake hard and swerve out the way.
i papped my horn in annoyance and he took it the wrong way, he started eyeing me up in his rear view mirror, so like an idiot i started blowing him kisses etc,he started to get the car and move towards mine, i picked up a decat pipe i hide under my seat ready, the traffic lights change and he jumps back in and we drive off.

the other one was more scary, i was pulling off from some traffic lights in the outside lane, the two lanes move into one and to my horror i had a white transit van coming like a at out of hell on the inside, he forced me on tothe opposite side of the road but i managed to drop back safely and slip into a gap. i was slightly pissed off so i papped my horn again and they started giving me w***** signs and all the salutes.
at the next set of traffic lights i passed them and they didnt like that so they decided to chase me, i had to use my local road knowledge to loose them, i wouldnt have been that scared cause i thought there was only one, but to my horror there were 3 big builders.

I was on my way to work on my motorbike and a tit in BMW kept getting right up my arse.. despite the fact it was raining. I braked a few times to give him the hint, but he didnt like it and got closer still.

Enough was enough. I gradually slowed.. he got closer.. then I slowed to a stop. There was trafic behind so he couldnt reverse and he was so close to me he couldnt pull round.

I got off the bike and had a discussion with him.. where he couldnt see why he was driving dangerously and wanted me to get out of the bloody way. So I reached in to his motor, pulled the keys out of his ignition and slung them into the grassy verge on the other side of the road.

Needless to say I had a visit from the old bill.. but nothing could detract from the warm feeling I get inside when I think of that beemer driving bell-end groveling through the wet grass!
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Well i guess i can tell my story too!

Its pretty mild compared to you guys though.......

Anyway, about 22:30 one Tuesday night i was driving home from my Parents house with my Girlfriend in the car, i get to the first main round about and just cruise over it gently, and the exit before mine a Red Citroen ZX had to stop for me, obviously this annoyed him as he followed me down the road flashing and beeping at me, along with driving as close as he could. At the end of this road it goes into two lanes with Traffic lights, so we both have to stop - i look across and hes going mental in the car pointing waving with certain jestures im sure you can imagnine! Anyway, my girlfriend was pretty scared so i was just putting my hands up to say "whats your problem" but then he started revving it etc thinking he could beat me so i had to just burn him off at the lights, which again made him beep and wave etc, but i just wanted to get away - he was obviously just insane!!!!


Just had paperwork through from police this morning....theyve got the car and place wrong (gives you hope doesnt it ?!?!).......just going to call them now and try and sort it out - although without any independent witnesses it looks as though its a non- starter as for any sort of prosecution. At least if this t***s down on paper as being a maniac the next person that reports him may result in some action being taken....

May as well add to this:

Was Xmastime last,just merrily get around the corner from my home when the road has about 5 college boys and girls, blind drunk, strolling up the dotted white line. One of them (sex unknown), thought it would be a larf to swing his/her tesco bag and catch my mirror with it. Of course my mirror tore a hole in the bag and spilled all his/her drink onto the floor. Then I get the w@nker shouts at me. Sorry, I lost it. So I anchored up and got out of my Willy2, and strolled over to this offending lush, drew back my fist, then realised it could be a girl so shaped down a little. With that at least 4 more came around from the alley so a decision was made that if I dont win this fight.....VERY Williams will be left sitting in the middle of the road waiting to have the sh@t kicked out of to keep face I strolled, not ran, back to my car and drove off. I to this day wish I had a driving friend with me so he could have driven my car to safety and I could have given these arrogant t***s a good spank.

There, now....back to thinking of dolphins and the calm of the waves

3 years ago there were 7 of us who went down to Southampton to watch the blades in action. One of the lads managed to "borrow" an Arnold Laver transit van for the weekend as he worked there.
Quite obvious who we were as Lavers were the United sponsor at the time.
Feeling a bit peckish on the way down so we did one at Burger King off the M3 jst before hitting the M27 to Southampton where for no apparent reason we were ambushed by about 15 Pompey boys!! We had a big tool box in the back as "luckily" it was one of the maintanance vans so out came the old spanners and we saw them off. A T5 pulled up minutes after with 2 very worried 30 somethings sat in it and checked our van over. Nothing suspicious apart from a group of mates going to see there local team and stopping for a flame grilled whopper on the way!!