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BHP and PS

Just spotted the following in the small print of the Leon Cupra-R advert:

"The maximum power outputs are quoted in PS (or Pferdestarke, which is the metric equivelant of horsepower). To convert from metric to imperial horsepower, divide the PS figure by 1.0139"

Ive seen PS mentioned on here a lot, but never adequately explained. Thanks SEAT!


PS is the european standard for power measurement in vehicles - in UK we use BHP ie 172 in UK has 172 BHP but equates to 170PS in say France - thats why the 172 is not marketed as the 172 in europe - its sold as RS 2.0 16V and the 172CUP as Jean Ragnotti after the famous french rally driver!

Accrding to that calculation, 172PS is 169.6bhp......

And isnt PS originally a Jap measurement?.........not 100% at all sure....

And i thought DIN was the actual measurement of power AT the, they need to make 1

BenR - yup, the 2nd site says the two arent really comparable anyway. If they made 1 standard, then there would still be all the other ones plus a new one to confuse us all a bit more....

IF you look on the french renault site they have an option on the renaultsport clio 2.0 16V (note they dont call it 172 coz it aint - technically with them ) they have two versions one rated 124KW and 120 KW - whats all that about - I reckon thats the jean Ragnotti and the 172 as we no them therefore the cup in france has a higher output! check it out can see if anyone understands

CUPSIZE - nope, the two versions are available because the 120KW version attracts a lower rate of tax or something - there were posts about it ages ago (people got worried that their imports might be the lower output versions). They are not the 172/Cup and these supposed (non-existent) power differences!!! ;) Why on earth do you (and others) keep on about the Cup having a higher power output than a 172 - if it did, Renault would be positively boasting about it, not keeping it quiet!!! Its the same engine, but without the 5/6bhp drain of whizzing the air con compressor round... Deal with it!;):confused:

Just my opinion (which happens to be correct) BTW...

lol :cool:

As Ive mentioned before, I removed about 45kg from my MK2 172 and it just felt amazingly more responsive and much quicker. Drove round minus most of the interior for a few weeks and it was excellent. I was going to keep it that way too :-( I can see that taking off another 45kg would double that zooming around effect. Ive not driven a 172Cup yet, but am looking forward to the day that I do.

Hmmm.....maybe I could start stripping out the Willy when I get it back.... :devilish:

  Nissan R35 GT-R

BHP (DIN) is not the same as PS. I have explained all this in another thread.

The 172 has 172 BHP (DIN) and therefore it is 172 BHP. End of story! Here s what I wrote in a pervious thread:

To clear up this whole DIN, BHP, PS, KW thing.

172 BHP (DIN) is what Renault quote. DIN is the BHP standard in Germany. Power figures are governed by PS, DIN and SAE to name a few which are all from different countrys (Japan, Germany and America). Each of these are standards to calculate power.

The power figures from each only differ because some counties refuse to use metric, and others refuse to use imperial mesurements.

Consider this: SAE say that a horse (1 BHP) has the ability to move 33,000 lbs of weight a distance of 1 foot every minute. As we all know, exact imperial to metric calculations are a pain, so DIN say that their horse can move a weight of 450,000 kgs a distance of 1cm every minute, which is roughly the same.

It works out that a SAE horsepower is 98.629% of a DIN horsepower.

Im sure that DIN is used throughout Europe since we are all using metric. A cars horsepower claims will nearly always reference the system in place for that country (or region). I think that when Japan state bhp instead of PS, they are stating DIN.

I hope this has cleared up any queries.