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Big Let Down


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio v6

2 weeks ago now they let me down " Sorry we were ringing you but we were ringing the wrong number to tell you we would not be turning up"

So another fixed appointment was made for today. I even emailed them to confirm printed my phone number in large bold type.

It is now 3.45pm and the job is supposed to take approx 6 hours. Do you think they are going to turn up now, on a Friday afternoon and work until 10pm?

Any other mobile wheel refurb companies serving Essex area?

Wicked Wheels proudly advertise in FAST CAR Mag. Maybe a note to the editor would help them look after their customers a little better.

Although still happy as ever with life, I am a tad pissed off today

just made some enquiries about this one cos I thought I had seen a van recently with Chips Away Wheels on it - if you call a guy called Andy Gurling on 07733 230437 he is the Essex area man and he will come and give you a free quote! Hope this helps. K
  Silver Fabia vRS

Ive never had any probs with Wicked Wheels but they work by selling the franchise name to people who then work for them. Ring their head office and complain!