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Big Steve’s Clio 200 Raider

Yeah I can see what swayed you to the M2 😉

Funny how Renault sold Raider no1 recently, I also saw the ad and hummed and hawed, but couldn’t justify the price it was up for.

You still got yours??
Yeah still got it, just sat in the garage now, I’ll never sell it, just nice to have for the nice days I will pass it on to my son when he’s old/responsible enough 😂

It was a little on the expensive side but the low miles and low number would of made up for that in the long run


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Looks great, we did put in a strong trade offer on this, im glad Ash got he wanted for it and its gone to a good home.


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ClioSport Club Member
So I’ve noticed a few times when I’m driving the car hard, I can’t shift into 4th at high rpm.. I have to let the engine speed die down before it will then engage.

I’m not getting any crunching, but somethings not right… so I suspect it could be the Synchromesh’s in the gearbox, clutch drag, or a combination of both.

It bugs me not being right, so I set to it on Saturday with a view to getting it in a position so I can get the Gearbox out.

Few hours on Saturday, Sunday, and a couple on Monday evening and the car now sits on my drive with both subframes off, ready to whip the engine and box out when I can press-gang my best man into a days Labour to pull it out:


Was actually an ok job in the end.. was sweating it a bit, but just taking my time and being methodical, it all made sense.

Going to give the Ball Joints, Clutch and some other things a birthday whilst it’s apart.


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Saw the raider at clios and coffee in Runcorn! 1st one I've ever seen, Looks immaculate!