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  307 hdi (powered by derv)

HI, me and me mate are thinking about buying a 125cc bike, most likely be a aprilla rs or honda nsr. Does anyone no of any cheap insurance companies.

many thnaks
  320d M Sport">

E-mail me directly and Ill try and sort it out - I work there

Im only talking about 5yrs old, the bikes were worth about the same, and it was with the same company. The 125s (aprilia and cagiva, brand new) were way more expensive than a 5 yr old cbr6, i couldnt understand it.

I keep toying with the idea of getting a bike every time the weather gets good, but i dont know what sort would be good for insurance. Im certainly tempted by the cbr, but im a bit worried it would be too much for a very inexperienced rider.
  Ford Fiesta

hi, I have just bought a brand spanking new Apriliia RS125 GP1 to go with my clio, had a datatool alarm fitted and a couple of other insurance security goodies and the cheapest by far for me for insurance was Rampdale. They cannot be beaten for 125s usually.

try them let me know how you get on with the bike. Awesome bike btw you wont believe the speed for a 125!. :)