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Billy tips

how easily can i remover the "billabong" side stickers off ym clio, the day i get it!?

also, if i de badge the "Clio" off the boot lid, does this leave holes or is it just stuck on?

finally, where can i get the boot lid badges such as "renaultsport", or "sport" ?

thanks, looking forwayrd to modding my clio, delivery date - 28th march
  CTR EK9 turbo

uh oh.......;)

Dont know where you can find sport badges, but dont go nicking mine!!!

I guess you can ask the dealer to remove the badges before you buy it? Itd probably look best totally debadged, rather than adding extra badges. Who wants extra weight? :confused:
  CTR EK9 turbo

Im not sure - my bros work colleague ordered a new 306 meridian a while back and my bro told her to ask them to debadge it, and its debadged. Give it a try before you pick it up. Theyl do a nice job of it id have thought....

Renaultsport badges can be bought from a renault dealership.

I think the Renault and Clio are held on by pins, so they would have holes.

I imagine the Billabong stickers would just be stuck on.. best time to do it, I had a Special Edition badge on my tailgate, and when I took it off, you can still see where it was!

  CTR EK9 turbo

Brand new cars are rarely, fresh out of the factory - theyre usually sat around waiting to be pdid, valetted etc, so the stickers will be well and trully stuck on. If theyre just sticker stickers, then a hair dryer on hot setting and a stanley knife can be used. But ive never tried it on paint work - probably make a terrible scratch. Just get them to do it.....

the badges should be 12.60 ex vat.....but dont hold me to it.....

If i got it right it should be.

Colour coding.....youll just have to paint them, its not hard.

I took off my extreme badges with a hairdryer and a blunt knife, i cleaned and polished the car and it looked fine afterwards. Dont bother with the Sport badges, the only people who will give a f**k is us and well know its not the proper car! The Clio badge is held on by pins BTW

No offence, but why dont you either

a) Actually buy a 172??


b) Be different and not just rebadge your car to be a wannabe 172??

what exactly are the conditions for modding on the clio free insurance. ive been told i can, by another fosum user just that my excess increases.????

yes, the billabong is based on the dynamique, which, if im not mistaken, comes under the "sport" range.

what exactly are the conditions for modding on the clio free insurance. ive been told i can, by another fosum user just that my excess increases.????

Under Free Insurance you can have modifications up to the value of £1000 providing they have been provided Renault UK either as a factory option or an accessory. No performance enhancing mods are acceptable. The excess increases by £100 for values between £1 and £250 and by £150 for values between £250 and £1000

tbh I hate people who put the sport badges on 1.2s! Cause as Rob said...the only people who would notice are Clio enthusiasts and we would know it’s a fake!

plus you dont want all these extra badges!

as for color coding, id say about 200 odd! make sure you get a good company, else youll end up getting it redone!

also renault free insurance let me away with colour coding+tints+lexus lights...only increased excess over lowering!