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bk racing wheels

  clio 172
i have a set of bk racing wheels on my car but cant find any on the net that are the same ...i need to find out what they are so i can sort some wheel nuts out that will fit so i can have the others drilled out as they are a set of 12 locking wheel nuts and no chuffin key can any of you give me a site to find them been on a few but no joy as yet they are 7 spokes i think ...cheers
  Storm Grey 200
Wheels nuts?

Wheel bolts, and they are the same for any clio, unless you have spacers in which case you could need longer bolts.

I dunno what your question really means.
  clio 172
right the holes on the alloys where the bolts go are obviously narrower than on the standard wheel as you cannot get a socket over them there is a tool that fits into the bolt i had a look at my mates standard bolts and they look bigger its not the length of the bolt its the size of the head on the bolt...if that makes it any clearer
  Storm Grey 200
So are you basically saying the bolts are to big for the holes, and so you need smaller heads, say 17mm instead of 19mm
  clio 172
right been over halfords today to have a look at the bk racing wheels they have and when you get the bk racing wheels they come with a different stud instead of a socket going over the head it has a a 10 spline torque bit that goes inside the head ...not sure if they are all the same or not so just gonna get a new set...
they are called tuner bolts
all manufacturers that do multistud fitment wheels use tuner bolts,smaller studs allow for less face to be taken up by the holes.they are not locking nuts,just special versions that are done,keys can be bought separately,however i dont know whether halfords do them,bk will sell direct though
  clio 172
no one has one in stock at the moment i dont suppose anyone has one i can borrow for a few hours in the northampton area do they?