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Black Plates

Just seen the 172 advert again on TV and I think the silver 172 looks real nice with that black "Clio" number plate on the front.

Is it legal to have one made so its white (or silver :)) on black?

Ive seen plates with silver writing on black plates.. Looks like a foreign number though.


They are not legal.

They were issued on cars before the white / yellow plate came in. Thees are now the only legal plates you can have in a UK car. Unless you have a vintage car which was registed before the change in plate came in.

Yeah your only allowed them pre a certain date. We had a mk2 golf gti with some black and silvers ones which looked really tasty, got pulled over a couple of times but no fines or warnings etc. I guess its whether or not youre willing to take the risk!

well if you check the other clio gallerys my balc dynamique is in there with black plates at a showlooks cool but i forgot to take em off when i left and promptly got pulled by the fuzz!

who just asked me to remove them!