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Blast from the Past

Well just going through some old photos and found some of the Clio. Some of you may remember me as ad172.

Is my car still around?






  180.6Bhp 172 cup (cc)
Cant see the pics adam but i am guessing the vx pics are old!!

My fav parts of the vx in order
1- the paint work to the driver side door (nice one mr window fitter, a slight mark and some ones managed to sqeeze a full respray out of them!!! :D )
2- The gear linkage being funked makes the changing some what intresting!
3- Sounds like somes one rolling snooker balls around when inside!

All though i must add i wait to see it fixed up (and await taking it out for a spin!)
Ah ha Mr Higgins - surprised it took you so long to reply - particularly as you spend most of your time in work on here!!

Anyway to answer your points:
1 & 2 are being sorted whilst it's in the garage. I've had to pay out of my own pocket to get the balance of the car sprayed. Finally 3 is just due to the cr@p build quality of the Spax coilovers. Regardless my car is still nicer than yours so still that up your pipe!!LOL

Anyway let's keep it on-Topic!!!
  180.6Bhp 172 cup (cc)
I spend my lunch on here only!
Note car is nice but the chipped paint work from driving up peoples behinds will hopefully never return once sprayed so play nice :D

x Newport x