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Bloody Clio V6 Drivers!!!

  CTR EK9 turbo

oh no! mustve been expensive! I seen that website before - have you seen the Jag XJ220 thats wrapped around a lamp post? Its worse than rotten!!

look for the porsches/ferraris and a zagona V12.......there seem to be alot of wrecked cars from HK! whoo hoo

Worse then is that simon ;) no cant say i have seen that jag one.. However i feel sorry for the driver of the above clio, if you ask me serves himself right for allowing ADECCO take part in sponsorship... they are the worse agency ever! :eek::)


he was just lucky that there was no furniture, appliences generally anything in the house he hit! LOL
  CTR EK9 turbo

I guess thats what happens when you run too much boost when youre trying to negotiate your front driveway.

Si.....thats why i hate turbos........LAG......LOL

touch the throttle, dum de dum, crash bang wollop......oh, where am i!?