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bloody love...

  Arctic 182 & PB 172
Dodo juice purple awesome applying with your actual fingers. Goes on really well after using AG SRP.

Hardly used any after two car coverings. Its also pretty good to get a little on the black bits of trim as i find it does better than the bloody trim back to blacks i have used.
Using fingers is a right PITA, it's meant to get a thinner/more even coat, but I just found it made a mess
It gives a thinner coat with decent waxes.

However, to be totally honest, the first time I applied by hand, I was using a pot of Blue Velvet and it just made my hands blue, meaning work the next day was not clever!


ClioSport Club Member
Love it, a fantastic wax.

Not by hand though. Good to do it once but after that you're just wasting product.