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Bloody pheasant

Decided to commit suicide on saturday afternoon and used my car as the suicide weapon :(

luckily i was only doing about 60mph or so at the time.....

smash......... sh*t............

girlfriend goes "oh poor pheasant" i go "poor car" and pulled over...

(yes.. the pheasant was dead)

i had visions of smashed radiator and or body damage however i got away with (on initial inspection anyway);

a lot of feathers inbedded in one of the upright thin plastic struts that joins front splitter to bumper above

two broken (i.e still there but not attached at the bottom) struts further along.... everything else seems ok... i will have a proper look at the weekend....

lucky i wasnt going faster / it was a more solid object i an ostrich or something ;)
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

I killed one on my first driving lesson took its head clean off.

Almost killed one yesterday that ran out on me but had enough time to stop and scare it off the road.

Hope the damage isnt too serious.


  Shiny red R32

Lucky it was only a pheasant VR6Man, because where I live, most people have hit deer, usually the small muntjac ones, but travelling at speed whilst hitting one, has resulted in extensive damage to mine and several of my mates cars.

Once, a few cars ago, I hit one (or rather it jumped onto my car) and I had to have a new wing and headlamp unit and on a couple of occasions I have come close to hitting them, because they leap over the hedge, bounce across the road and over the hedge on the other side. Night times are pretty bad as they seem to be drawn to car headlights.

I dont know what would happen if a muntjac deer was to hit the Clio wing! Would it bounce off, since the wing is plastic?
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

a fox ran out on my mate the other week, he swearved to miss it but swearved the wrong way and actually hit it. bizzare!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Here in Shropshire we are currently plagued with rabbits. Every morning the road is littered with squashed bunnies, but this appears to have no impact on the population - there are more and more every year. I see them in the garden (they eat stuff), on the drive, lurking under the car, they are everywhere. Ive never hit one yet but its only a matter of time...
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

I hit a guinea fowl once while doing about 80 on the motorway.

it was trying to run across the motorway and was about halfway across I swerved away from it but right before I passed it, the stupid thing decided to turn around and run back. Hit it with a glancing blow on the right side of the bumper. Luckily it was only a small crack. could have been much worse...and all this on Xmas day.

Maybe I should have stopped, scooped it up and and cooked it up for dinner :sick:

Did a squerrel the other day saw it out the corner of my eye bounding out of the woods straight infront on my car. I didnt stop in time and it bounced off me bumper and landed about twenty feet in front of me. No damage to the car. I think I gave it a head ache. As I drove away and swerved round its limp body I noticed the bus behind me finish it off.

Nice, Strangest Ive done is a bat! Didnt know Id hit it but noticed somthing stuck in my single wiper the next morning on the way to work thort it was just a leaf or somthing so left it there. When it started to smear my screen after a few days it startde to piss me off so i went to pull it off and discovered slimy dead bat! Lovely.

yes.. my mum had the dead bat syndrome as well..... ours wasnt slimy, it was more crispy.. like a wanton really... but without the plum sauce

haha nice :p deep fried or in soup?

In Rally New Zealand. Carlos Sainz actaully smashed a sheep in to million of pieces he was doin 125 miles? or so on this dirt straight sheep stood there... smash lamp chop wutever u want u can just grab it after that

I remember that. From memory the sheep had positioned itself just ahead of the Big Jump on the stage. They showed the in car footage of the car launching, landing, and collecting the sheep soon after. He sounded quite surprised. They had a hard time getting all of the bits out of the grill though.