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Bloody Pigs

  Toureg vW Transporte

out on sunday and they were doing speed checks on the usual bit of 30 road, had pulled 2 people over one on one side and the other on the other, one was a 16v, went passed doing 30 and then gave it the big boot, me grinning till i turned round and came back up the road and he pulled me, asked me wot i was playing at, wot speed i was doing ,mmm 30 officer,told me i was lying, looked round the car, tryied doing me with 3 points for a baled tyre, only i informed him it wasnt balled,he said id made him mad and that wed be meeting again, got away with a producer. guess ill learn. did look funny though a 16v either side of the road.

serves you right for provoking it! If that was me i would have found something wrong with your vehicle i can assure you. That would wipe the smile off your face when your taking the bus home!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Toureg vW Transporte

mm guess so, though he was quite aggressive though, and v rude, was going to make a complaint, but police clerk told me they had no forms.mmm:eek:

I got a produce few months back so i went the station with the bad boys theme tune, windows open and left it playin very very loud outside:devilish:

that will teach em to mess with the myk
  Toureg vW Transporte

yep he wasnt a happy bunny, think it may of been that new k-tec system that did it
  Revels Mum & Sister

Coppers arent that bad around my way. They are way too predictable. They have 4 places where they will hide and you just slow down to 30 and then blat it when you are further down the road.

My fav is when they have pulled someone over. Trundle along at just below 30. Stick it in 4th and foot down. Dont go nowhere but on the Valver you get the deep Induction growllllllll. That cant do f**k all cause you aint speeding. HEhe makes me chuckle!

They just dont undertand. Tell them to back off and catch some real scum. Tell them that "Pimpin aint easy, so f**k off Orifice"

never sign a producer when they hand it to u

u are not obliged to

and its 4 times as mcuh paper work if u dont

out of principle i never do unless ive been stopped for a legitimate reason

being stopped "randomly" and then the uy shakcing my battery tray and brake fluid resevoir,,, i think not
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

where abouts was that Dafydd?? I got pulled in Hereford (in the 1.3 tho) and they just let me off for speeding, dangerous driving etc

doesnt anybody think the police actually do a half decent job, are theer to help and winding them up isnt that smart?

I have had no problems with cops ever, apart from sitting on double yellows....but i just apologise and move on. They have helped when its needed etc etc.........decent people.....
  Toureg vW Transporte

louise it was on the way out of ledbury towards gloucester, just before the roundabout.liquid ice they did have people pulled over when i went passed but they had2 peole pulled over when i went past but he wrote my no. plate on his hand,b*****d

The best thing to do is be apologetic without admitting youve done anything wrong. Just ask for their name if you want to report them.
  CTR EK9 turbo

yeah, the best thing to do is lick their bottys and youll probably get let off ligher than if youd been rude. (not saying that any of you are rude) Ive been stopped for going very sideways around an empty roundabout -apparently caught on their camera. I just said im sorry and i was stupid and wont do it again. Only got a producer as i didnt have my insurance documents with me. Another time was pulled up for drifting on some ice in a car park(oh dear) - the police watched as i came past sliding away and there was nothing i could do apart from slide! they just asked me if id been drinking. It was a wide open space and no one else was about.

yeah ive never had any big probs with the rozzers, in fact i got off quite lightly when i handbraked it round a corner in a car park, only to see 3 squad cars parked up about 15 feet away as i came drifting round the corner!!!!

they didnt know what the f**k to say to me, looked like i was being an arrogant tw*t and doing it on purpose in front of then, but i was in my mums pug and played dumb and was very apologetic - got completely off! started on about havign the fog lights on aswell, pretended i didnt know how to turn them off as "id only just started driving the car, officer!"

fred are you joining the police? See if they will get a 172 recruited for motorway patrol hehe:)

that would be quite impressive:)
  VW Potato

theyve always been polite to me. But then Ive always been polite to them. I wonder if theres a connection there?

  Lionel Richie

Quote: Originally posted by ClioJohn on 04 March 2003

fred are you joining the police? See if they will get a 172 recruited for motorway patrol hehe:)

that would be quite impressive:)
Yeah im planning on it!!!!

Sod the 172!!! Im going for a V6 with NOS

Quote: Originally posted by Scudetto on 04 March 2003

theyve always been polite to me. But then Ive always been polite to them. I wonder if theres a connection there?

I had around 40 producers when I was about seventeen, but I was a cheeky little sod.

I learned to treat then as youd like to be treated and havent had a producer for about 10 years! Maybe there is a connection.

And Id like to see the evidence that 95.5% are stupid. Bit of a stupid thing to say when there are apparently coppers that are members on this site.

Coppers are like all other people, they have good and bad days. Best one was getting pulled whilst pissed as a fart in a mates car. yes I was on the Right Hand Side of the car in the front seat, I didnt protest when he breahalised me, or when he nearly garroted me when he pulled me out of the car, but he DID apologise when he realized it was LEFT HAND DRIVE! hehehehehe, he saw the funny side of it after he calmed down, was very very red in the face.

Most cops are cool if u are too. Be honest, apologise and most times you are on your way with no fuss. Like everything in life, depends on what day you and they have had.........