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i was just comming home from my trip to MaC Ds and i was going along the bypass, doing 80 and i saw in my mirror some ass hole in a blue saxo, he was very far away but he soon caught up (bugger), but i new my car has good pick up from the off so we got to the round about and i slowed right down to a stop, and then hammered it i was winning, very happy then it got to 60+ and he caught up, and boom he went by me we were till climbing in spped got to 80+ and the fecker left me in his dust, it was good fun, but i now want my clio to have a bit more power top end anyone got any ideas im thinking of a stage 1 hillpower kit anyway so nething else apart from that.

cheers jamie.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

lol, yea NOS wud do it

i had a play with a VTR tonight and he beat me, ive just stuck my wheels on though an my car is definitely slower

well i can get a custome n20 kit for £100 (my m8 does them it his business), but i told my self if i was gonna get it i would get all the head work done on my car but then the price goes into the 1000s.

oh well looks like an engine transplant then.

boo hoo. or n20 hehehehe
  Skoda Fabia vRS

im not sure if it was actually a VTR, as i remember playin with one before, it might have been a VTS tbh

  mk2 172

to be honest mate i think a vts would leave you for dust from the off, but theres nowt wrong with that as look at the figures for vts. as for vtr possibly cos of the torque higher up the speedo, but them newer ones are 100 bhp and definately considerably faster than the older ones.


as i say m8 i dont know waht it was but it was very fast and it was all a bit of a blur,

but the strange thing is is wasnt flying past me it was gradually increasing so it cant have been more than 110 120 bhp.

bugger. mines only 75-80bhp c***.
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

I saw a RT for sale with a Willy engine in it the other day....would have blown him away with that one...hehe

Only 2grand as well!
  Skoda Fabia vRS

how do you figure that?

my steelies before were 13", the alloys are 15"

it might not be the weight of the wheel but more the bigger rollin radius, even tho its only 2% bigger
  Skoda Fabia vRS

an yea i jus checked the figures, defo couldnt have been a VTS as i was beatin him at first, only started pullin away at around 70, but once he started pullin away he pulled away pretty well

BRUN, I think by the laughing face on the top of JillyBs post means that she was implying that you would have been slower if you had not stuck your wheels as you would then have NO wheels on ?

Possibly, I think that is what she is saying ?
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Well u cant expect miracles from a 1.4 engine can you.

The Citroen units are well developed, and pretty good for their size really. Im not a Saxo fan, but the engines are pretty good....light no fires, but still pretty good.


Used to have a Saxo and I know of a blue Saxo VTS Turbo, which runs into the high 13s on the quarter. What car where you in?

PS in my 172 one night a black VTS, came up behind me, I was on 17s and I coulndt shake him off. Ditched the 17s after that. If i could have a Saxo which had the same power to weight of my 14.7 1/4 172 I would swop. I am not being argummentitive bu they are f***ing incredible cars to drive.
Tim O.

Clio King,

How much can you get NOS kits for? Is this back of the lorry stuff? Can you get hold of it easy?

i reckon it was a saxo 1.5 diesel.....
why not just claim the victory cause you dont have the misfortune to own a saxo?

mav my m8 did it to his v6 cav it was pulling 160mph b4 and now it goes right of the chart and it still climbs,

the kits are completly home made so to speak, the bottels are reconditioned and retested co2 canisters, retaped and so on, the pipes are all brand new and all solinoids and jets are also brand new, he said he would give me a kit for £200 but i told him to f**k off , he dropped it to £100, (should think so to).

his kits range from 20bhp to 200bhp his is 140bhp+ i think what a speed ive been in it, and i wont be in it again till he gets better seats.

very very well done pipes all run into boot where canister is.

ver very nice
  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

I like eating vtrs in my 1400.
2-0 so far(stage 1 hillpower kit plus full zorst and a few other bits