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blue 182 Claverham Road Fishponds


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Where's Claverham road??

And why have i never seen this car? I only live in Downend!
  197 Albi Blue
i live in claverham road. Its 3rd on right as you come off of the straights heading towards uwe

Saw it as i come back from sainsburys in my mates saxo. I dont have my car up in bristol at moment :(
  Tiger R6 / Saxo Vts
Claverham Road just off Manor Road in Fishponds - Daniel, how can you not have seen my car?!

I've been spotted quite a bit recently - there seem to be CLio sports on the ring road all the time at the moment.
  Tiger R6 / Saxo Vts
I keep seeing a silver one with an older guy in it, and there's a girl in a black 172 around kingswood area too I think....see her on the way to the gym quite often.
  Clio GT 120 EDC
I've only had mine 2 weeks today and i drive around whitehall, fishponds, downend, longwell green, avonmouth areas mainly.