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Blue cup Bristol

  Tiger R6 / Saxo Vts
Prob me mate - it's a 182 FF but on 15's and coilovers.

It's for sale too if you know anyone.

I haven't been spotted for ages!
  197 Albi Blue
ah fair i was walking past natwest from Wetherspoons to the Old post office for a couple of pints.

Ive just moved to fishponds last week seen a few Clio Sports about
  Tiger R6 / Saxo Vts
There are a fair few around the area - Schweppy has an RB 182, and there are few other about.

Welcome to the delight that is fishponds - I live there too.
  Tiger R6 / Saxo Vts
There was a certain amount of sarcasm there Mr Elmes, and I'm not the one living in Kingswood where your house was broken into to steal your car keys, so people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!