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Body Coloured Wheels

That fella yesterday had black wheels and body. Looked not bad. Wheels have to be big though for it to look cool. As little rubber on them as possible aswell!

I am a big fan of black wheels on cars, not sure about other cars, red wheels on a red car would look naff in my view.

I have gunmetal superLs on my black 16v and although not a complete colour match i think the darkness makes it look very stealth!! :D

White on white is also very rally sl*g and could be pulled off!


ClioSport Club Member
  ST 225, PH1 172

Black on black can look good, but anything else, red on red, blue on blue IMO just looks naff

I dont personally like colour coded wheels.

I find black wheels etc always look small due to you cant see where the tyre starts and where it finishes and so makes them look smaller with bigger tyres.

What about keeping to the alloy silver look but having the back of the alloy sprayed? This will give the wheels a more body colourd look and covers up brake dust. A mat of mine done this and it looked really good and gives the subtle body colour look.



ClioSport Club Member
  ST 225, PH1 172

Back of the alloy sprayed? Not sure I follow, spray the inner part of the alloy the same colour as the car? Sounds weird, any pics of your mates motor like this klmillard?

Saw a well old Porsche on the way to work this morning, lush Canary Yellow colour until I looked at the wheels... the same colour... looked minging. G13... LOVE the sound of the gun metal colour against the black, must look really good.

Yeah Kev thats the one! Might i compliment you on your leathers too! Also V.nice! ;)

What a mutual appreciation society we got goin on here! Happy vibes!