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Bonnet cable change, how do remove this?

Hi folks my bonnet cable is hanging on by from death, got one coming tomorrow so thought I'd make a start by removing the old one.

Does anyone know how this bottle comes off? There's a square tab to push out but can't see anything further down the turret. Don't want to prise it too much as I'll probably break it! Cheers


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Thanks for the replies, I've tried to show the tab in the second photo at the top of the picture, is that the one you mean?
  172 Ph1
So take the wipers and scuttle off to get access? Then just pull it through?

No , I deleted that comment , that’s for doing the washer pipe .

The routing of the cable comes along the left wing area and then goes around the shocker top mount and then kinda disappears behind the ABS unit .
I would probably take out the left splash shield to help see a little more in that area .