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Clio 200 Gearbox Rebuild

  MK3 Clio RS 200
Hi all,

Bit of a weird one - gearbox went on me on Saturday, however there was no crunch or bang, just lost the feel in the gear selector when trying to find 4th and it wouldn't find it (no crunch or bang at all, no noise), it then found 5th and 6th but it felt very numb, then when I dropped it back to 3rd I lost all feel in the gear stick, and couldn't get it out of 3rd. The gear stick now only goes forward and backwards (it does not go sideways) and very loosely and feels completely disengaged. Therefore, I thought it was a selector issue, had a look and the selector will not push down or up, just moves very freely forwards and backwards, all cables seem okay, nothing loose or missing and the brackets are fine.

Seems to me like an internal issue? Cars stuck in 3rd on my driveway, so I either get someone to come and get the gearbox out (no idea who), or I get it on the back of a trailer and send it somewhere. I'm thinking sending the whole car to K-Tec and getting them to have a look, they said they'll diagnose it and then go from there so won't be too expensive to find out the issue.

However, I would rather do this properly so I don't have to do anything to do with the gearbox again for a while... so does any recommend doing anything different? If I could get the box out, then Agency Transmission would rebuild the gearbox for about £400. People have said Jade, but they're further from me and want £1200 for gearbox and clutch at a minimum, I'd also have to get the car there and the extra distance will cost me more.

I'm Gloucester based so K-Tec in Wolverhampton isn't too bad for me.

Any recommendations or peoples thoughts on how I fix my poor Clio :( would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you