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Bonnet Dent



My mates just gone to close his bonnet on his Clio and didn't drop it, instead let it rest near shut then pressed down to shut
Ended up putting a dint in about 5" from very front middle of bonnet but on the bonnet crease that runs towards the windscreen
Will it pull out ?
If its on the crease i'd very much doubt it get on the phone to breakers tomorrow and look for a new bonnet...


what about chipsaway or someone who knows what there doing, surely not a new bonnet ?
to be honest your average person wouldnt even notice it but now he knows what happened he looks for it and notices it quite a bit
he'll be gutted, surely there something can be done
new bonnet wtf ? :eek:
Well remember the clio bonnet isn't one piece mate as it has reinforcement to make it stonger on the underside.

A bodyshop maybe able to help so maybe worth going to a good one and having them look at it 1st tho.
  FF 182
definately try some mobile dent removers. live dent master, chips away. they can soon have a look and say if they think they will get it out.
  Punto/Clio GTT
tis double skinned but should be able to get it out tbh. if not then repair it, new bonnet is crazy *slaps alan*
I did that on mine but it wasn't very big and kinda popped itself back out. Last time I push it down with my hand! PoS.
Final_Maxim said:
tis double skinned but should be able to get it out tbh. if not then repair it, new bonnet is crazy *slaps alan*

Sorry mate.....generally when i break something i just replace it and dont think twice tho people such as yourself know more...

Double skinned thats the term i was looking for lol

I dont fix them i jus clean them lol
  RenaultSport clio 182
I did the same to my first 182 i took it to a dent removel place were i live and it cost me about 45qid and it looked as good as new when done. New bonnet my arse as long as the paint is not cracked it will be fine


yeh the paint is 100% ok, not even a line etc, its purely a dint, well more of an impression if that means anything, cant explain it to be honest
  172CUP/Fiesta supersport
happened to me first day I had the car!!!!, mate was looking under the bonnet then he drops it onto the latch and uses his knuckles to knudge the bonnet shut! hay presto 4 or 5 wee dents along the front of my bonnet....................still there to this day :-(