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bottom of windscreen...

  AMV8, Mk1 Golf
.. where it goes under the scuttle pannel.. is that ment to be sealed.. and mine had a big gap where all the sealant has perished and water freely flows under it... is that right?

just trying to locate the source of the leak
  AMV8, Mk1 Golf
i dont know if it can get into the car that way or it just dains out the bottom under the scuttle pannel tho :S

i have no idea if they are ment to be sealed or not lol ive never really looked at anyothers
  BMW M135i
Water should be able to flow into the skuttle off the screen but the screen itself should be fully sealed all the way round.
  172 /megane cab
you should not see any screen glue at all so if you have loads at the bottom of the screen then they have fitted the screen with out taking the skuttle off but water dont go up
no its not sealed (at least at the drivers side) as that needs to be removed to change the pollen filter, and there was no sealent there when I did mine.