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Yeah but they are still just boring old Mercedes deep down, for the money you could probably buy a true exotic and have change!!
I prefere there versions of the E class to the rocket one.
Awsome car though as for it not being exotic there not much with 4 doors and that quick in the exotic most exotical has 2 doors.
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Seen one in person the other day in all black. Absolutely amazing car,if i had the money i'd get one. Boring old mercedes?? The only thing that is Mercedes on that rocket is the chassis!
As Edde said....not a single 4 door could touch it let alone a supercar...0-60 in 3.8 seconds...lovely.
na to be honist there aint much between AMG and Brabus both do a good job with the merc's

ian Bojo 182

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Stu_c said:
na to be honist there aint much between AMG and Brabus both do a good job with the merc's
There is a huge difference between amg and brabus.
I'm yet to see a road going AMG be limited to 220mph because the tyres are'nt rated any higher.
Also limits on the torque to 1150nm.
You dont see that on AMG's

Stu_c said:
i thought they did?
There was no offical agrrement just an understanding my the big manurfacturers for peoples safty in not making cars go about 155mph also it wouldn't be good publicity if they had continued to let speeds build up and have a lot of high speed crashes/deaths.
  182, SRT8, RS4, GT-R
Not a lot of difference between AMG and Brabus?? LMAO. Have you ever driven an AMG and a Brabus?? World's apart my friend