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Breakdown Cover - Useable within a day?


ClioSport Club Member
To paint a vague picture, I'm looking to buy a Clio, Its described as ropey, so I'm not expecting it to get me home.

I don't currently have breakdown cover, have always previously relied on friends and family, or towed/trailered cars I've been uncertain about.

However, as I plan to collect the car Friday, I'm a bit stuck for breakdown cover, as I believe most of them state you have to have the cover for a week or so? I had a look through greenflags small print, which left me confused.

Parts say, useable instantly, other parts say useable past midnight of the first day, and then I found a section (Not that I can find it now!) that said I must have taken it out, outside of 7days prior to my trip, but I think this about planned trips, Mine isn't planned... :rasp:

Any help? I don't want to be left stranded.
  172 Race Car
Most useable straight away for roadside service with restriction on towing distance for first 24hrs if non fix
  172 Race Car
So join in advance then. Not hard is it. If you join when your broken down there can be call out charges on top.

Also make sure the car is taxed or you wont get towed anyway.
  FF Clio 182
Not breakdown cover but I bought insurance for my 182 drove it 30 minutes home then phoned to claim the windscreen cover as it had a chip in it.