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Brooklands Classic Breakfast - 8am Sunday 12th August


South Central- West Berks
ClioSport Area Rep
This is the Brooklands Museum version of the Goodwood Breakfast Club so it's meet up, chat, have breakfast, look at a load of nice cars and have a wander round the Museum.

Entry is £13 but this includes a full english breakfast and entry into the Brooklands Museum.

I'm planning on getting a designated area for us all to park so meeting place will be the Brooklands Paddock at 8am.

Address is:

Brooklands Museum
Brooklands Road
KT13 0QN

More details on the website

Thanks to Andrew (182SURREY) for suggesting this, if anyone else has meet ideas feel free to start a thread or PM me.

Attendance list (please only add your name if 100% attending so I give Brooklands correct numbers).

1. atouba
  BG 182 FF
Wish weekends weren't so busy at work!! I know i wont be able to get this off, worth a shot though!
  Clio 200
I live about 5 mins away, but i'm away this weekend in the midlands...! If there is anything else at Brooklands, or any of you guys want to meet anywhere near, give me a shout... Mercedes-Benz World is always a popular stop for petrol heads.
  K4M ph2
Gunna be hanging out of my arse that morning, birthday drinks the night before. keep missing these meets.
  big boost cup
Tom are you re-shoeing her or her horses? You name dropper!!!

Love a bit of name dropping. its the annual pikey drive on sunday and i got invited to it as the farrier and she is going to be there for some reason. she only lives up the road so will blacmail her into letting me do her horses lol
  BG V6 IL V6 172cup
Up date - looks like there will be 8 Vees going from of V6net too and my mates in there LY Megane Sport should be good turn out.
  GW 200 with Cup pack
Gutted to be missing this... I have an archery comp on that day... I need to check up on these meets earlier! dammit! Still find them a looooong way to travel from north oxfordshire tho :(
  BG V6 IL V6 172cup
some of the of the vees are meeting in the tescos round the corner at 745ish, Ive not decided where to go yet, may just roll up depends on time..