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Brooklands College/Weybridge Station

Came outta Brooklands College went towards weybridge station had some morretts on the rear you went towards Mercedes-Benz World past GlaxoSmithKline was on a bit of a mission so had to go to Walton didn't see where u went afta that.
  Saab 93 Aero Wagon
Only one in a black 182 round our way from here is Chris (Recaro) but his car stands out quite a bit as its low, has Recaro's in and is missing his centre caps!
^^ naa wasn't a RenaultSport Clio....hummmm mystery driver it had a K-tec racing sticker in the back and a internal ClioSport Sticker in the bottom left corner of his window
Arrgghh i wanna know who this was or im gunna go hunting around brooklands car park an find out why they havn't signed up to the Big Surrey Meet