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budget stuff...

  Ph1.2 / VW Polo
Gonna buy some car cleaning stuff tomorow. but got a few questions..

1) is halfords ok to go to?
2) if not where
3) can i get abit of eevrything for £20/30 ?

like shampoo / drying stuff / polish / tyre shine.

bought a new car and wanna get a shine on :D
Halfords have 3 for 2 on AG stuf iirc.

You want as a good starter kit:

AG Bodywork Shampoo
AG Super Resin Polish
AG Extra Gloss Protection

Think they do a half decent lambswool mitt for not much so one of those. They sell the Autoglymm drying towel / synthetic shammy which is pretty good. Also autoglym fast glass and instant tyre dressing are both ok to.
  Ph1.2 / VW Polo
so i can kit myself out on a £30 budget do you think?

im no detailer i just wanna have a clean can lol
  Megane R26
As above, get:

- Grey Sheepskin Wash Mitt
- Halfords Waffle Weave Drying Towel
- AG Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner
- AG Super Resin Polish
- AG Extra Gloss Protection
- AG Vinyl and Rubber Care (for trim and tyres)

You should be able to get all of that for £30... ish
  Ph1.2 / VW Polo
wkd cheers boyss

btw i hate drying, so im prepared to skimp in one area to free up money for a real good drying towel.
  Clio mk3 1.2 Extreme
Dont think Halfords are doing 3 for 2 anymore. If your not in a rush for the bits check out




Drying towel:

Tyre shine:

Id recommend Meguiers Tyre shine (get from Halfords)
Then get a couple of cloths from Halfords

Also get 7.5% discount from i4detailing :) hope this help
  Ph1.2 / VW Polo
k so ive got all i need.
gonna wash the car today then polish and protect it.

whats the best cloth to use with the extra gloss protection stuff?

and i dont know how recently the car was polished cos i just bought it. does it matter?
  Ph1.2 / VW Polo
ok cool, im not sure whats already on the paint though.
does it matter too much?
gonna give it a good wash first.

how longs it take to polish and protect it?
Once you've washed it, dry it and apply SRP then remove immediately. Then apply EGP let it cure for at least an hour. Then buff off.