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Bugg*r My insurance



They want £400 more a year because i want to lower it 60mm and put 15s on it!!

sorry fred but looks like no lowering for me this weekend

Dont tell them. Just keep your old springs and wheels handy in the vent of an incident. Thats what I always used to do with my moded 1.2 Clio.

In fact, someone once went into the side of me, so the car was taken to a body shop. So I just rocked up later in the day with the wheels and they fitted them for me before the assessor came around.

Bingo! Problem solved. The insurance company are very unlikely to cough up if your wheels get nicked anyway.
  172 sport,

yes as ben said an insurance company will only replace stolen wheels with o/e so if it came with rich teas and hubcaps thatl be what ya get back, also the extra money they charge is because they recon that if your car was parked next to a standard one then theres more chance of the tealeaf taking your modded motor to a standard one ,btw if its just wheels n springs keep the old and swap them if you need to as ben also said



renault insurance

what if they void my policy

im getting my v6 soon and ive built up loads of no claims

Oh good idea not telling your insurance co that you have modified your car.... you may as well not have insurance.... oh look, you dont as you havnt declared your modifications.....

Find someone who will cover your mods come renewal time, there are lots of companies out there which speciallise in ripping you off, ooooops sorry, insuring you for uprated parts.


WTF!!! if you dont declare your mods then your insurance will be void!! Oh and ok mr smart ass, just change the wheels if you need to, what happens in the event of a bad accident where you end up in hospital unable to go change your wheels, well you end up in big trouble, just think about it logically!!! I cant believe that there are people on this site that would encourage such behaviour, if you got away with it then you were lucky, doesnt mean the next guy might be!! Max power even did a whole article on this sort of behaviour, trying to get round the insurance, even they tryed to discourage it!!!

dont do the mods if you cant afford the insurance!! you guys would be the first to complain if some one uninsured ran into your pride and joy!!




no i can afford it i just dont want to pay £400 for no reason

i never considered not declaring my mods

good boy tom!! dont ever be tempted, as in life some people get away with it when all the others end up paying, its life, play by the rules and you know your ok!!

All insurance charge for lowering, it might be slightly less if you only go 35mm instead of 60mm......

insurance companies have strange ways of looking at things, admiral counted an accident i had had even though it was 2 years ago and not my fault, they put up my premium........want to know the reason they gave me?? they told me if i had had an accident that wasnt my fault, then the likely hood is that the next accident i have WILL be my fault..........WTF!! i told them to stuff there insurance!! got it cheaper else where and wit ha company that deal with mods!

how long before your insurance is due??


i used to be with CIS when i owned the saxo and uno tb, they allowed any mods.

if they were bodywork, alloys or suspension they just charged you the admin costs (£35)

Engines were a different thing though, they charge you dependant upon bhp increase (i changed the tb on the uno to a hybrid unit, increased the boost and gained 28bhp, they charged me £70 extra)



i cant change my company because they have given me 4 years NCB instead of 2 it makes my V6 insurance about £700 cheaper

i cant be assed i get the v6 in may just gonna drive it standard

chuckie of course i declared the mods, its not worth risking

Tom i can see why your reluctant to change companies

tom how old are you???? i cant believe your getting a V6!! :eek: just drive the car standard, 6 months wont make much difference!! not when your getting a V6!!!