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  Mondeo diesel barge
Wondered if you could help me here. Three options for the colour of my bullets;

  • Anthracite + Arctic blue lettering
  • Arctic blue + Anthracite lettering
  • Leave them as they are
What do you guys think? Or maybe is there another colour scheme that would work?

Here's a pic of my car just to help

  328, MK1 Clio 1.4
Do that, would cost around £40 to get them done by someone on here who would do a good job for you, but that is a lot IMO for a painted badge,


  Abarth 500
Do them anthracite and silver lettering

All for the price of a couple of rattle cans, not that expensive
  Mondeo diesel barge
That probably would have been my choice, might do it another time though.

Nice to meet someone else from KDY :rasp: You heading to the RR day at falkland?