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Bumper Inserts

  Octavia VRS
open drivers door, push them towards the left i.e. towards the rear of the car. You should hear a click when the rear clips pop out
  ZT 1.8T
sorry mate lol the ones on the front and rear bumper? want to colour code them, iv already done the side strips, is it a case of masking the bumper off or do these come out?
  Octavia VRS
ahhh got you mate lol, i need sleep! Not sure if they pop out but I'm sure someone else will know
  Chocolate Bar™
front one will come out as its attached with those plastic triangular wedges. i forced a blunt knife down the side and slid them out (easier said than done)

pretty positive the back bumper is attached using the same method, and two screws at the top of the bumper. however i couldnt get the back one off. so it would have to be a bumper off job.