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Hey guys,
just wondering do any ofyou know how the front bumper comes off of a mk 2 clio?
i have an idea but i dont wanna do it and end up doing damage
thanks :)
  ph2 clio 172
Check the guides one there for a 182 was same for my 172

think 4 bolts then it unclips which scared me
  182, 6r GTi
remove the wheels, unclip the arch liners, open bonnet remove the screws holding the grill to the slam pannel, undo the the plastic cover under the bumper 2bolts, then undo the 2 bolts on either side of the wing/bumper were they meet. then pull each side out. (easiest with 2 people so you dont scratch the paint. then once the bumper is nearly off disconnect the fogs. thats how i do it hope this helps