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Burnt Steering Wheel

  Renault Clio v6 mk 2
Hi, just wondering if anybody else has got the same problem with their steering wheel ? The problem is that approximatly 6 - 7 weeks ago it started melting due to high temperature and the sun ... :(

Would anybody be able to please advise me in what i could do ?

Thank you , much appreciated ....
  182 RB FF
Common problem mate, im sure someone can help you better than me having not had the problem myself but im sure somebody had said to keep buggin renault and u can get it done under warrenty. (im guessing your car is under warrenty?)
  Renault Clio v6 mk 2
Yea car is still under warranty !!! You know if anyone else has had theres changed under warranty or not ? Thank You ...;)
I got mine changed under warranty. Definitely a few others on here have.

The material (leather?) around the thumb grips kind of went all sticky and peeled away on mine.

Renault changed it with no arguments.
Its a common failing any dealership will do it if they disagree tell them to ring Renaul uk and get them to autorise the work.
  "Navy" N17 TWO
Mine is doing the same thing :(

If I offer to pay a little could they get my a 172 wheel ? :)
Tigger said:
Mine is doing the same thing :(

If I offer to pay a little could they get my a 172 wheel ? :)
Yep but it woulnd't be a bit extra its a lot extra.
Migh as well get one from a breakers yard cheaper an dget Renault to fit it instead of the stock one when they replace it.
  2007 Audi S3 Quattro
flippin right - mine has melted in the sun so ill try scab a new steering wheel off them! :D