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Buzzing noise on tv?

  Fiesta Mk8 ST-3
Got an old school tv in my room and lately it's got a constant high pitched buzzing noise it comes and goes last for quit a few minutes. Been tapping the tv to see if it goes and it's still there. It's one of those noises where you can head aches.

Is it signs its on it way?, the picture is still very good on it though
  Hyundai i30, Dog Van
my mums sky box does this its a high pitched buzzing or a constant beep gets on ym nerves when watching tv.

if pic is fine jst turn tv up ;)
  Golf gti ed30+bmw m3
probabaly an old, worn regulator in the set. Either that or you can hear the electronic scan :) (525 lines x 30 frames = 15750 Hz) high pitched but some people can hear it.
  Fiesta Mk8 ST-3
it is a old tv like had it for about 10 years or more, it was making that noise quit a while last night has not been on today yet. See what happens could end up getting one for xmas treat myself and if i get some cash coming in