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bye bye back seats> insurance!

Do i need to tell tesco that i hav removed the rear seats!. its getting rediculous (sp) all the sh*t u gota tell!.

soon il be declaring:

1.8 rsi clio
washed metalic paintwork
non standard seat belts
Chrome Gear KNOB
Occasionly used to transport animals. ( Dog)

tell me about it. i phoned up norwich union and told them i had a new air filter fited and they said no increase. they also said that they wouldnt insure my ice equipment but i would still need to tell them that it had been changed because if i crash then insurance would be invalid as its not no longer factory standard. wtf is up with that?
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I wouldnt have thought you would have to tell them about rear seats, I remove mine when im transporting my bikes or going down the tip, I cant see how it would invalidate it, but I could be wrong.
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i can see how not declaring engine mods can invalidate the insurance, but anything done to the interior isnt anything to do with them, unless its insured.

you have to tell em about alloys too (if theyre aftermarket). If one of your wheels came off in a crash and it wasnt an OE wheel then theyd give you the two fingers.

I tell them everrrryyyythiiiiiing.... lol

Im not having some smart-arse insurance salesman tell me hes not going to pay out because I have no badges on the boot, or because my stereo is not original equipment.
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Quote: Originally posted by Bryan on 02 March 2005
it is classed as an interior modification, therefore you must declare it

only if you intend to claim on it.

I really think people are getting carried away regarding declaring modifications - so long as your obviously not a complete dickhead the assessors REALLY arent that strict. I wrote off my 2nd last car which had 17s, full suspension kit, massive front brakes and they still payed out without a word. Two cars before that, some old lady ran into my R5 - again lowered, alloys, front splitter etc and agin they still payed out without question.

Im obviously not recommending you dont tell them anything about modifications but cool the paranoia...its not a police state were living in!

Quote: Originally posted by Ziffy on 02 March 2005
Quote: Originally posted by Bryan on 02 March 2005it is classed as an interior modification, therefore you must declare it

only if you intend to claim on it.

nope, the question they ask is, "is the vehicle modified?"

not, do you have modifications that you dont intend on claiming on!!

modsify your car and dont declare it, crash and see what happens........ just ask connor, he found out the hard way
  rsturbo and a xr3i

as much as i agree with you that its a pain declaring every little thing , im not sure but i would of thought you would have to declare it cause on every online application ive made for a quote it always asks how many seats the car has