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Bye bye Clio :-(

With great regret I have just sold my 172 so I can afford to pay my rent now that Im young, free and single again. Ive replaced it (temporarily) with a Pug 206 GTi. Its not as good. :-( God, Im pissed off now....



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Sorry to hear about that (the pug 206 GTi aint that bad)

How much did you sell it for ?
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awww, noooo, poor Clio, i hope it went to a home as good

are you ok now Rhys that you have sold it, financially i mean

oh an Rhys, if you couldnt sort the rent out, will you be gettin a 172 again once you have moved to somethin more affordable, if not i hope you will still come on here mate
  mk2 172

at least your soerted now mate thats the main thing, we on for a test in the new year mate, the strines???????, ps iv got a 206gti promotional vid here which i was sent from pug a couple of years ago, might re-watch it to see the competion:)

Thanks for the condolences. Will remain a Cliosport member (oops, must remember to re-join as my membership has expired!) and hopefully will have the pleasure of owning a sporty Clio again in the future (hmm..the Cup and Williams are already near the top of my list). At least the bills can be paid now and I still have a hot hatch to drive around in. Was given £10700 part-exchange.

Craggy - any time mate, just know for a fact that Im going to get my arse kicked now :sick:. I think replacement panel filter and a de-cat are in order, along with 195/50 tyres (got 185/55 at the moment - no good) and lowering.

From the test drive, the 206 is a lot less rattly than the Clio, which has to count for something. Handling felt a bit poo, but I think that can be solved with lowering springs like I did with the 172. The engine actually feels really good with loads of low-rev pulling power available, but it aint no 172.

Looks like the dealer network is as expensive as Renault. For the SP meshed grille, they want just £185!!!! Its a piece of chicken-wire, for gawds sake!!!

  mk2 172

rhys mate i meant against the sax, willy out of insureance this friday:(, should be a better match but the odds will be in your favour now!, gonna push the citroen dealer to get me it before the deliv date of 20th december cos im gonna be car - less!


Hi Sax/Ed,

Thanks for your reply to the PM I sent you. In the end went with the 206 as I got the right price at the dealers and they are quite well equipt inside. Whats the 0-60 and 0-100 on the VTS and 206?


Thought the Saxo could do 60 in about 7.1 and the 206 in 7.6 or something. Thats the difference between your Williams and my 172, and I always seem to convincingly lose!