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Hey everyone just thort i would introduce myself as I'm new to Cliosport, my names mat and I currently own my clio197 i love my car to bits iv had her nealy a year now havent realy done much to her yet but got sum ideas that I wont to do il get some pictures up soon, before owning my 197 I had my Clio Williams... Wat a car! Fantastic old school hot hatch I owned her for about 4 years and it's only recently iv had to let her go because I couldn't run the 2 with the price of insurance these days but the 197 has been a great replacement


North East
ClioSport Area Rep
Welcome to the forum mate.

Off topic - Can they not hash out the word cocky as it isn't swearing?? I know it has the word còck in it but it takes the mick. Same with scùnthorpe.