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Cabasse & Normal stereo

  Evo MR FQ300 & Clio V6

I wanted to change the tape headunit in my car to a cd head unit that could work the dash display and stalk controls. I was told by renault that the stereos out the new 182s have better amplifiers and would plug straight in. I bought a cabasse head unit and the problem I am having is getting the display to work. There are two sockets spare after the cd changer, power and speakers have been plugged in. The yellow plug I have goes in to one of these but the display is dead. Are the later clios fitted with different displays and connectors?

Any pictures would help me out or am I missing something with regards to the display - And yes I have tried the power button ;)

Failing that has anyone got a cd headunit with "tuner list" on it for sale???