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* Calling ALL dCi owners/potential owners *

  Meg on pistonheads £6995
I've now had over a dozen PM's about the mods to my dCi 80. (Superchips with extra fuelling programmed above 3500rpm to cater for top-end easy breathing thanks to K&N panel filter)

To give you an idea of what 100+ bhp & 172 lb/ft feels like, I let a colleague drive it.......

He said:

"FUC* - feels like my 306 Turbo D doesn't have a turbo!"

a self-timed 0-90mph (same place, day before & after mods) drop from 30 to 20 secs confirms it's just a tad quicker than standard!

This is a genuine offer for any dCi owner/potential owner to come and drive it!

Live and work in Northants