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calling all insurance experts...

right - any insufance boffins out there might be able to help me:

my insurance is up for renewal in 3wks time and of course im gonna shop around see if i can get any cheaper quotes than my existing insurers. the only problem is that, about 6mths ago, i pulled out into the side of a blokes mondeo at some traffic lights when i tried to switch lanes(i was v.ill at the time!). His damage was minimal (just scratches!), but i was broke so had to put a claim in anyway. I phoned them up, they sent me the claim form (incident report, etc.) and i sent it back, but since then have had no further contact fro mthe insurers or the bloke involved! i am wondering if the bloke decided the damage was not worth getting the claim for, and if so is my claim void? DO i still have 2yrs NCB? i am scared to ask my insurers in case they just forgot about the claim and then put it on! Should i ask, or just say nowt and tell other companies i have 2yrs NCB?

Just wait to you get your renewal letter through. It will tell you how many NCB you have. Then you will know.

  Revels Mum & Sister

I had a similar thing. Put in the accident details etc and nothing ever came of it. So I got my 2 years No claims. Never heard anymore. Just wait and see!