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cam timing figures for 172 - for info..

  Williams 2, STi N12


Very nice. I dont mean to be pain in the arse but can you measure the amount of lift for each cam in say 5 deg increments?? It would then give me a nice profile of the cam, perhaps near the peak in would be 1 deg increments.

Possibly it would make it easy to see what is going on if you superimposed the info on the same graph, showing the timings and amount of lift for each cam.


no probs m8, thats exactly what i NEED to do..

I will let ya know asap. I need to make a method of holding the cam to the lower half of the head, and more important, machine a fixed length, non-compressable lifter ..



i will post a more sensible post bloody buggered! ooer

anyway, i cant think, saome pug owners have it stck in their head that VVT systems act on the profile....i told them it was timing it affected, not the physical profile of teh cam, made up by lift, LCA, duartion etc etc etc.

But he still thinks VVT, VVti etc etc affects profile and VTEC affects the timing!!! in 3 stages!

Vtec, the 3 stage one, with 3 lobes and hydraulically operated...affect the profile such as lift and duration NO?

im too pissed, sorry for the dribble!
  Williams 2, STi N12

Can you not have an arrangement that mirrors the valves, using something like a tyre depth gauge that is pre-calibrated. Clamping the cams downs with a suitable device then from that you secure your rail that holds all your gauges.

Rotate the cams with a calibrated lever and read off the heights??

Probably easier said than done though. Good luck !! LOL