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Cambelt deals.

Yeah want genuine parts tho. And was seeing if any one was doing a deal
dan is probs your best bet mate.. used him quite a few times for various things and hes always been spot on.. mine will be going in soon for the belts 2 be done
Its had genuine parts from new so rather keep as grnuine
dan uses genuine stuff
[h=2]Fixed price cambelt changes and servicing @ 519 Automotive[/h]
Cambelt prices

Renault Clio 172/182 with air-con - Genuine Renault timing belt kit with Renault auxiliary belt kit including cam seals £450.00
Same as normal really timing and aux kit.

Can also get it a bit cheaper if you didn't want a Renault badge stamped on a gates belt.
  GW 200T
Right just been looking at the carand when you turn the inside fan of the whining stops, Is this anything to worry about? is it related to cambelt or anything like that?


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  Whichever has fuel
Impey, I can't believe you've been a member on here for 7 years and you're asking these questions.